LEARNING INTENTION: I can create a variety of poems following a specific forms using Poetic Devices.

WHAT I LEARNED: I learned that poems can help you show feeling that you never knew you had and if you open up in poems you can make wonderful art. I learned that I have the most sparkling ,brilliant,gleeful person I will ever know because she has shown me how to make the most awesome pieces of art I have ever made. Thank you! 

Have you ever had walked outside and had jack frost biting at nose well seeing you breath freeze in mid air
If so you know it's fall !Fall has just begun.As summer ends.  
Having a season of sweater weather.The color of the leaves gleaming in the sun.
Jumping in leaves with friends
As the tumble down forming a quilt on the ground.
Hearing the crackle as you jump in the leafs.  Twisting and turning in the air.
Feeling of the brisk air blow in your face .
The warm and delightful smell of grandma's pumpkin pie.
Fall the time the frost bit grass flows and brightly colored leaves scattered in The breathtaking wind.
The old rain drops mixed in with thin spider web.
Having a hot drink on a bone chilling day.
This is fall to me.

 That it does not matter how big you writing is because you can have a big paragraph and it can mean nothing but you can have a short paragraph and it will be awesome.