To This Day   

This is a quote from To This Day

“But our lives will only ever always
Continue to be
A balancing act
That has less to do with pain
And more to do with beauty.”

This is about a poem that is a outstanding explain of what true poetic is about called To This Day by Shane Koyczan This poem was about bullying and one thing I connected to was I have been bullied before and I am still am but I learned that when they shot you down you just get back up.

They just want to get you mad. I know it hard to stand up to a bully. I know that bullies just want to get you down and everything but it works really well and I want everyone to know that is reading this You Are A Wonderful Person and no one can take that away from you. I hope that this has helped you thought some type of bullying.
10/2/2013 05:25:25

Thanks this is really up lifting and I love the poem


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