So my Christmas holidays have been a little crazy because I was with my cousin who is the same age as me and when I am with my cousin I am not really "normal" because me and her don't get to get to see her that much so we are a "little crazy".So some of things that me and my cousin did on the Christmas holidays was ,going ice skating ,going to arcade,going to the mall,setting off fireworks,making memory jars,lighting wishing lanterns ,and just spending time with family.It was lots of fun having her over for a week but we had to drive her home to Merrit and the road that we drove on is on a TV show called "HIGHWAY THUR HELL"  and the road is just what it sounds like. So we driving  along and we hear a BOOM and about a mile and a half was one of the trucks from the hit TV show it had BURST INTO FLAMES and crashed in to the side of the rocky mountain and was still smoking from the burning hot fire and smell of burned plastic which can hurt your lungs very badly plus it is the possibly the worst smell ever win the air .I am not  sure if the person lived or not. :(   p.s   I toke these pictures 

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